Sunday, January 09, 2005

Tsunami SR tsewage?

The Press Democrat publishes the syndicated Seismo-Watch column every Saturday. The column for 12/23--29/04 said [edited],

"With the Earth ringing like a bell from the epic Sumatra M9.0 earthquake on December 26, many scientists looked in distant lands for other geologic effects, like induced seismicity and turbidity in wells. One candidate for an induced temblor was a M 4.3 at 2:36 a.m. Monday, December 27, in The Geysers geothermal area."

"Local residents reported the ground shook vigorously for an unusually long time (6-7 seconds), jarring them from sleep and frightening many. Felt reports were received from as far away as Fort Bragg and the San Francisco Peninsula.

Some reported a loud roar that accompanied the shaking, something like a freight train racing through their home. Three Calpine production units tripped off line and some rockfalls and landslides were reported."

"This was the second M 4.0+ jolt in The Geysers this year and the fourth in the last four years. Eleven M 4.0s have occurred since 1982. Eighteen M 3.0+ earthquakes have occurred in The Geysers this year, three less than last year, but close to the average annual number."

Seismo-Watch has commented before that increased seismic activity at The Geysers is the result of Santa Rosa's Geysers Recharge Project, which pipes millions of gallons of treated sewage 33 miles to The Geysers, so Calpine can inject it into its dying steamfield.

Did the giant Sumatra quake trigger the 4.0 at The Geysers? There has been one 4.0 a year for four years, and seven others before that, apparently without a major seismic event elsewhere in the world.

Was the devastating Indonesian tsunami actually a killer wave of Santa Rosa's discarded tsewage?


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