Sunday, February 13, 2005

PD provides the info to protect citizens' rights

The Press Democrat printed a two-page spread in its op-ed section today, "It's Your Government 2005". It's no more than a list of federal, state, county, and city officials, and a few government agencies.

The joke is editorial director Pete Golis' introduction, on the corner of the front page:

"Today we publish our It's Your Government 2005--the information you need to protect your rights as a citizen.

From Washington to Sacramento, from the county seat to city hall, here you will find the names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, Web sites and e-mail addresses that we hope will prove useful over the next two years.

We urge you to put Pages 4 and 5 of today's Forum aside for future use."

Gosh, thanks, Pete! And in return, I urge you and PD publisher Mike Parman to put your op-ed pages to better use in the future.

It's not just that the same information and more is readily available in the front of the phone book. It's your ridiculous claim that this information will protect our rights as citizens.

The contact information you provided might help us get in touch with the clerks and bureaucrats who work for this country's elected and appointed officials. But you and I know most of those people don't know or care that we exist, and don't give a damn about our rights.

If you really want to provide some information to help us protect our rights, how about a list of honest lawyers who aren't afraid to sue the government? It won't take much space, and it might be useful.


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